Mission & Goals

The Town of Brunswick's Comprehensive Plan is a statement of the Town’s vision for the future, a foundation for its capital improvement plans, and a reference for the Town's actions, policies, and regulations. The 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee has been charged with the mission of reviewing and updating the Town of Brunswick 2008 Comprehensive Plan Update. The 2020 update shall achieve the following goals:

  1. Review the Town of Brunswick 2008 Comprehensive Plan Update and deliver a report on the progress made in achieving the goals and objectives of the 2008 Update;
  2. Complete an inventory and analysis of existing conditions as established by Title 30-A M.R.S., Chapter 187, §4326;
  3. Develop a vision, goals, and objectives for the Town of Brunswick for the next ten (10) to twelve (12) years; and
  4. Develop an implementation program to meet said goals and objectives.